Capturing the moments that exist in-between the moments

Welcome to my newly designed site. The gallery page holds highlights of my latest photography. Please check it out. 

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My Background


Shortly after I first was gifted a camera by another photographer I created a saying

"Capturing the moments 

that exist in-between

the moments"

     Since then that has been my motto every single time I pick up my camera. That was over two decades ago. 


Photography is my life

I live, eat, and sleep photography. I am always telling people I know I need to make stickers with my website on it that say " I'd rather be shooting"


What Do I Offer ?

Creative Headshots & Portraiture 

Nightlife, Concert & Performance Photography

The majority of my headshots are creative. This my niche, which you can see by looking at my pages. I do offer them for individuals and entertainers as well as corporate portrait/business headshot, modeling and actors and actresses headshots. Or your company’s website, your LinkedIn profiles or a publication or book jacket.

Full or half day sessions are available for 

Bands or musical artist such as DJ crews

An individual that is looking to build a professional modeling portfolio. Sessions like this involve multiple looks and outfit changes.


Or a group or company whose business professionals who need a professional headshot for their business, their company’s website, their LinkedIn profiles 

I’ll talk to you about the line of work you’re in and what you need the photo for, in order to create the best look that will properly represent you, your personality, and your industry.

I also offer nightclub photography or photography of your live shows or performances at a very fair rate.

see my page for examples

 Along with this I create a promo video after each event, a montage of video and still photos for you to use to promote your future events. See examples at my YouTube channel

click here See examples on my Facebook Photography Business page

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