Very Berry Presents: Lubelski at Whiskey Bar 9.18 PDX or.

 Lubelski brings together unique styles of synthesis through a mix of analog gear, vinyl and digital sampling, as well as unorthodox methods of sound design to produce music that straddles the line between sensual and idiosyncratic. 

 Local support

Roses (PDX)

Strawberry Fayce


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Goonsquad Presents DJ Sluggo @ whiskey bar

Goonsquad is at it again
We proudly present to you our next bass filled event. Make sure to bring your neckbraces and your bass squad because this is going to be one hell of a ride
Sluggo is just your regular unsuspecting conservative dude with a 9 to 5 who donates his time between throwing dubstep dance parties in nursing homes, and running a VIP D.A.R.E. program to help teens stay on the right path.

Your Sunday Best & Renegade Rhythms Present: Tony Humphries

Your Sunday Best is proud to join forces with the Renegade Rhythms crew to celebrate their 23rd anniversary and Tom Mitchell's 50th birthday with one of dance music's most influential figures, Tony Humphries.

Tony Humphries - 5 Hour Set (Tribute to Zanzibar)

Dennis Gregory - Dwild Music Radio - New Jersey

Tom Mitchell aka Dlyte - Renegade Rhythms, Dwild Music Radio

HOUSE • EDM • Local Heroes Dj Patio Session • Portland

MUSIC: House | EDM | Disco

DJs: Umlaut (Love Parade, Germany) | Tracy Bleeke (Portland) | Dj KombaWeekend (Teote - Bar Miranda, Portland) | DAKEEK (Portland) | Nicholas Andrew (Portland)

ART: Missing House Radio Station & Friends

SUPPORT: The Pixie Project, Coalition Brewing
Donation to the Pixie Project

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